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Sissy Sainte-Marie (Sissy Sainte-Marie Vintage) and husband Eddie Chacon are featued in this great write up on Refinery29! 


Goldnbones is a clothing line created by artist Astral Eyes and fashion designer Shelly Erion and together they have created a very unique collaboration of art & fashion. Their imagery & patterns are of that of another dimension or elements you might see in a future cyber world. Their leggings & bodywear are truly radical and Bitchcraft is super stoked to have them as a vendor on December 8th! We did an interview with Astral Eyes, we hope you enjoy!:


Bcraft: Your collection has an edge that differs from other leggings and bodywear. What are your main influences in creating these mystical wears?


Astral Eyes: I started Goldnbones with my friend Shelly Erion, this first collection was designed by me, the idea was to transfer my "mystical collage" onto the body, to create a sort of walking altar. 


Bcraft: What's in the future for Goldnbones?


Astral Eyes: Our goal with Goldnbones is to start introducing new artists into the line, offering very limited edition wearable art.


Bcraft: Are you looking forward to the Dec 8th Fair? What should our customers expect to see at your booth?


Astral Eyes: We are super excited to be apart of the fair! We will have all styles of our leggings available, and we might me introducing our first surprise guest designer! Stop by to see what the Goldnbones will reveal!


For more on Goldnbones: 





Acid Queen is a jewelry line created by the ever-so talented lady, Alex Andra Brynn Camacho. Acid Queen's work is very powerful to the beholder. Through her use of crystals, bones and other magical properties, she is able to create individual pieces that are unique. The compositions of each piece are so well thought out and designed and are reminiscent of dreams from pagan folklore.  Sadly Alex has moved across country since our last Winter event, but no fear, we are selling her goods at our Bitchcraft table on Dec 8th! Here's our interview with Acid Queen, we hope you enjoy!:


Bcraft: How did you get into making jewelry?


Acid Queen:I've always loved jewelry and I carry my pieces for as long as i possibly can. After years I was left with a bunch of pieces that were broken or needed to be shortened or needed a new ear wire and I figured well I might as well fix them. So i bought the tools I needed and fixed all my old jewelry. From there I started experiencing with making my own and people liked it, I finally found something I was really into doing and allowed my creativity to flow as well as make art for others that they could wear and carry on


Bcraft: Ever since you showed with us, we have had a lot of people specifically ask about your stuff! You for sure have an original voice in your field, where do you get your influences from?


Acid Queen: Just like anything in life, in my opinion, its never a positive thing to get pigeonholed into a category or subculture because that will limit the inspirations you are exposed to as well as stunt your creativity. I wouldn't necessarily think that I transcend all genres or subcultures by any means. However, I do embrace all the things in my life that influence me, from nature, to other cultures, ancient art, ancient practices, science, space, geometry and much more. I don't allow one to rule my life but rather take from each at different points in an effort to grow and create. My only hope is that this can be seen through my work and that everyone can relate to it in one way or another.


Bcraft: What do you like about the Bitchcraft events?


Acid Queen: I don't like Bitchcraft events, I love them! I personally have only been to one but I have followed you guys since the first one I attended. There are a lot of holiday craft shows and I think for the most part, once you've been to one you kinda know what to expect. The Bitchcraft Holiday event in particular is great because it appeals to those who are looking for really awesome unique and handmade items. Each event is put together with a high level of professionalism and passion which is often hard to find.


For more Acid Queen:




Bear Cat is located in the heart of Echo Park, featuring independent local designers, hand selected vintage clothing, accessories and records.  Owner Bonnie June is a busy lady, from running her online store & her store in Echo Park she also frequents community fairs with her boutique and she has a clothing and jewelry line! We are super stoked to have Bear Cat as a new vendor for us at Bitchraft and we hope you enjoy our interview with Bonnie!: 




Bcraft: How did you start your store Bear Cat?




Bonnie: I started Bear Cat in late 2008. By that point I had already been collecting vintage for so long, that having a vintage shop was the way to go.




Bcraft: In addition to selling vintage & local designer items, you sell and make your own line? What are your influences for your pieces?




Bonnie: Yes! the clothing line is called ingenue collection. ingenue is inspired by the past, present & future. some of our inspiration comes from French music, cinema; particularly nouvelle vague, and love. 




Bcraft: Tell us about your weekly community events you have been throwing down at your store!




Bonnie: On the 3rd Wednesday of the month we throw a night called Vintage Wednesday's!  My friend Nick came up with the name after brainstorming for a hot min. Also we have an open bar kicken record jams, and a friendly welcoming vibe, what more can you ask for!




For more information on Bear Cat:





Taylor Brittenham and Jeremy Schwartz are the creative couple behind Bitter Tears. All of their homemade bitters are so unique and different. From their "Miss Piggy" (smokey bacon flavor with a bit of peppercorn and mild bite of serrano chili) to their "Maya" (maguey plant & agave) you'll find any dull drink magically transformed into something truly delicious with just a drop of Bitter Tears! In addition to making their own bitters they also have a pop-up bar which you can find often at different Los Angeles events. Bitter Tears has been keeping our Bitchcraft crowd un-thirsty since the very begining and we are very happy to have them part of our family! And here is an interview we did, hope you enjoy!: 



Bcraft: What do you sell/make?


Bitter Tears: We sell small batch cocktail bitters and delicious beverages! We get asked often, “What exactly are bitters?” Bitters are flavor additives used to enhance the flavor of beverages and food. Bitters are made by steeping ingredients such as herbs, fruits, and bitter roots in a high proof alcohol for many weeks. We have a collection of recipes ideas on our website,


Bcraft:As a couple that sells together, what about each other inspires you?


Bitter Tears: We love to try new things and that drives us to come up with new ideas for drinks and flavor combinations. We also both like to drink, so that helps.


Bcraft: You two have been with Bcraft since the very beginning! What do you like most about these events?


Bitter Tears: It's really fun to see everyone come together and share their art and crafts. Bitchcraft brings together a truly unique group of vendors which makes it stand out from the other the local craft fairs.


Bcraft: Do you have a favorite flavor of bitters?


Bitter Tears: It's hard to pick just one but we use our “KiKi” lavender elderberry and “Lucille” blood orange ginger bitters the most when mixing drinks at home. We just started making our seasonal flavor, “Indian Summer” curry pumpkin, which is a strong contender as well.


Bcraft: Any good drink suggestions for the holidays?


Bitter Tears:You can't go wrong with punch – especially for holiday parties. Mulled wine and cider are favorites as well. DIY mulling spices sachets are great holiday gifts!

We've been making the Revolver recipe a lot lately:

2 oz Bulleit Bourbon

0.5 oz Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur

2 to 3 dashes Lucille blood orange ginger bitters








Artist Michael & Pearl Hsiung started Fight To The Death as a collaboration a couple of years ago. While both artist have totally different styles, they manage to find a balance with each piece creating the illusion of 'who drew what'. From their psychedelic mountain creature to their tie-dye goat head, they always come up with something unique and truly out of this world. FTTD will be releasing their next print on December 8th at Bitchcraft's Winter Bazaar and we are all super excited to see what this super duo came up with! In the meanwhile we caught up with Michael for a little interview:



Bcraft: What products does FTTD make?:


Michael: We sell silk screened prints, zines and shirts of artwork that Pearl and I collaborate on.


Bcraft: The Fight To The Death series is not only a crowd pleaser but is also a closer look into two awesome artists who are also siblings! It's amazing to see both of your talents working together. how do you balance this into each creation?


Michael: We balance our creations pretty naturally because we're siblings but also because we're always sketching, drawing, and working around each other's ideas. Some times I'll work on the central image or face, which Pearl will tweak or add, and then from then on we build on the drawing, usually together.


Bcraft: You two have been with Bcraft since the very beginning! What do you like most about these events?


I really love Bitchcrafts because it has really allowed for Pearl and I to work together artistically for one and also because it's just a fun event where you can meet new folks and share your art creations.


For more info on Michael & Pearl Hsiung check them out at: and




The Sisters Spice comprices of Sonya & Nikki Schwartz, sisters with a passion for good health & awesome cooking! Sonya pratices acupunture and herbal medicine & Nikki is a culinary wiz with a knack for nutrirtional consulting. This will be their first year as vendors with Bitchcraft and they plan on serving up some amazing medicinal chocolates for the holidays! Here is an interview we conducted with the sisters, we hope you enjoy! : 


Bcraft: What are you making for the December 8th Sale?: 


Sonya: My sister and I are concocting herb infused medicinal chocolate truffles and hot chocolate powders for common everyday ailments such as stress, fatigue, PMS, insomnia. The herbal chocolates contain Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas or various herbs in the TCM pharmacopeia to strengthen the body's deficiencies, i.e.fortifying Qi & Blood. The common formulas we chose are mostly tonics, so almost anyone can delight in eating them! The chocolates use the finest organic ingredients and are vegan! Mostly, we wanted to create a fancy, fun and affordable way to ingest herbs. Who knew medicine could taste so good!Each batch is equivalent to a week's worth of herbs. Each chocolate truffle or serving of hot chocolate powder contains 3 grams of herbs. Standard dosage is 3 grams, 2x/day, which is 1 truffle or cup of cocoa, 2x/day.


Bcraft: You are both pretty knowledgeable and active in the holistic healing community, how did you decide that this would be your path/passion?


Sonya: Nikki and I were fortunate with the gift of growing up in a loving, open and supportive family. I believe it was this foundation that colored our inspiration to continue sharing this experience with our friends and community. Although different in our crafts, the end result comes from the same intention - nurture thy body, mind and spirit, so that one may live from an optimal place.I practices acupuncture and herbal medicine, among other TCM modalities, at Tao of Venus in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. In addition to a strong general practice, I specializes in the treatment of so-called 'Urban Ailments' - stress, emotional imbalance, sleep disorders, digestive troubles, chronic fatigue, fertility and women’s health.Nikki has been involved in the culinary arts for over a decade. Currently, she spends her days as a nutritional consultant and private chef, in addition to managing Red Hill in Echo Park.We are dedicated to providing our clients with the tools to live a healthy, active, and vibrant life. By creating tailored treatments, menu plans and realistic goals, we work to improve health and well-being for those seeking a more balanced way of life.


Bcraft: While this is your first Bitchcraft as a vendor, you have been loyal costumers to all of our events! What do you like about these fairs?


Sonya: We love any excuse to celebrate the season and collaborate with our bevy of creative & witchy friends! We support friends. We support community. What better way to support your local artist and independent small business owner!





Farron Loathing & Courtney Frystak are a power couple who aren't to be reckoned with! They are the creative duo behind Dark & Somber Greetings. With their love for metal, music & art background they created a card series you just cant resist! We caught up with two for a series of interviews Bcraft will be doing with our vendors for our up and coming sale and here's the interview:  


Bcraft: As a couple that creates together, what about each other inspires you?: 


Courtney: Farron I started making cards because there were no cards out there that we wanted to buy.  We love metal, and we both have a dark sense of humor, so Dark & Somber Greetings just sort of happened naturally.  We had a corpse paint party one night, and later used the images I took for our first run of cards.  For example, the "I hate everyone" card features the two us on the front, and was inspired by natural feelings and things we say to each other (sort of jokingly).  With Farron's art & Black Metal background, and my music retail background, it seemed like a no-brainer!


Because the card business is a side hobby, bringing focus to new ideas can sometimes be difficult.

We're just really happy to make people laugh, and excited to bring something new to the table.  We're going to keep doing this until we don't like it anymore, I guess.


Bcraft: What are the future plans for D&S?


Courtney: Our next idea is to expand into things other than cards, but I don't want to spoil anything!


Brcraft: You two have been with Bitchcraft since the very beginning! What about these events to appeal to D&S?


Courtney: We owe many thanks to Bitchcraft, and are always excited to meet people who have never seen the cards.  It makes us feel like we're succeeding in spreading all those warm fuzzy feelings we feel, every day.

For more info on D&S check them out at:


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